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All of us need cash to take care of our daily expenses (groceries, provisions etc.) as well as to deal with any medical emergencies.But at the same time, we don’t want the cash to be lying idle or blocked.Key features of Post Office RD Accounts ✓ Interest Rates – 8.4% per annum (quarterly compounded) ✓ Minimum INR 10/- per month or any amount in multiples of INR 5/-. ✓ Account can be opened by cash/cheque ✓ Account can be transferred from one post office to another. ✓ If in any RD account, there is monthly default(s) the depositor has to first pay the defaulted monthly deposit with default fee and then pay the current month deposit. ✓ One withdrawal upto 50% of the balance allowed after one year.

The information provided under this section ‘Investor Education’ is solely for creating awareness and educating investors / potential investors about Mutual Fund Schemes and for their general understanding.

Mutual Fund schemes in this category are positioned with an objective to produce “market-linked” returns over a period of time.

Invest into Equity Funds, Gold Funds and Hybrid / Balanced Funds which are positioned to help you create wealth and generate returns.

Recovery of Bank Dues through Debt Recovery Tribunals 30. (v) Term of office of directors (vi) Local Board of State Bank (vii) Establishment of new local head office (viii) Nomination to the post of President and Vice-President of Local Board (ix) Term of office of members of Local Board (x) Powers of the Local Board (xi) Local Committees (xii) Disqualifications for director-ship of Central Board or membership of Local Board or Committees (xiii) Restrictions on directorship of Central Board etc. (xv) Casual vacancies in the Central Board, Local Board or Committee (xvi) Remuneration of directors (xvii) Powers and Remuneration of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Managing Director (xviii) Meetings of the Central Board of State Bank (xix) Interested director to disclose his interest in the meeting (xx) Meeting of the Board may be presided by director, in the absence of Chairman or Vice Chairman (xxi) Meeting of Local Boards (xxii) Interested member to disclose his interest in the meeting (xxiii) Business which may be transacted by State Bank of India (xxiv) Employees of the acquired banking institution (xxv) Central Government may appoint a person to take over the business of banking institution (xxvi) Central Government to order dissolution of banking institution (xxvii) Integration and Development Fund (i) Shareholding of the subsidiary banks (ii) Restrictions on share-holdings of subsidiary bank of State Bank (iii) Management of subsidiary banks (iv) Composition of the Board of Directors of subsidiary bank (v) Term of Office of directors (vi) Disqualification for directorship (vii) Restrictions on directorship of Subsidiary Bank (viii) Vacation of Office of directors etc. Chairman and certain directors not to be required to hold qualification shares 18.

Non-Performing Assets, Prudential Norms on Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning 29. (ix) Penalty for not maintaining prescribed SLR (x) Payment of penalty by banking company (xi) Power of RBI to waive the penalty or penal interest payable by the defaulting bank (i) Offices of State Bank (ii) Management of the State Bank of India (iii) Composition of the Central Board (iv) Term of office of Chairman, Managing Director etc. Use of words "bank", "banker", "banking", or "banking company" 11. Banking company to be managed by whole-time Chairman. Power of Reserve Bank to appoint Chairman of the Board of Directors appointed on a whole-time basis or a Managing Director of a banking company 17.