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This small cove is ideal for those wanting a private location and it has been very popular as an unofficial nudist beach.
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(Photo by Edward Berthelot/GC Images)PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 03: Celine Dion wearing Dior bag outside Dior during Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018 : Day Two on July 3, 2017 in Paris, France.
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Have fun wrapping a whole lot of partners around your little finger like the hot stuff you are.
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lololbut anyway like i said, if the girl wants do to "selective breeding" to protect future generations from the heart ache she went through because she hated her hair, then thats what i call self hating.i was replying to her statement.anyway, this is a useless thread cause i wont keep repeating myself to you.adios! they may think anything light with a straight nose is beauty and everything else is ugly, disregarding their whole generation and the people that gave birth to their stank also forgetting the hair that grows out of their heads and the skin color they have and a lot of other youre probably gonna say "youre some dark girl hating on us light girls blah blah" cause i get that a lotbut im far from that but when i see something dirty, imma point it i said we can flog this "preference" thing over and over again, it wont change a for you, i thought you had other problems to "worry about"now kapeesh! Your irrational ranting seems to stem from your personal experiences and I strongly suggest that you come to terms with the fact that people are free to like who they want.
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